GOOGLE Reasearch & NASA Ames

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Good luck for Google & Nasa Ames.


Hosting your Landblog_Creation

Fill the registration form for your draft project.

The service for Your_Hosted_Landblog is as your order agreement,
taking care of your personal landblog construction :

Create your own landblog

Quinta da Relva. About 215'000 sq meters .

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Property material landblogs.


Create your own hosted-landblog

Have you dream and then have you think about your blog created in hard stone material ?

Your blog-in-rocks, your blog-in-diamonds, your material-blog-forever.

Such blog will be hosted at the Universocial-Google-Landblog, for example and for example linked by android_yourlandblog_googlearth. At HVF-Landblogs-Hosting, 35'000 s.m. for the use of the care at your creation service. Some 200'000 cubic meters hosted landblogs for the googledepending with your agreement to play personalized Earth.

And the service is about all you need for your creation. From details ordered by you or under your Personal Foundation if you prefer. Under Europe Statements at Portugal and its tradition since the year 1143.

Because you like order your landblog from the North Pole when you enjoy your ice-tasting-pleasure or even from the Sahara when you challenge-sand-stormings.

By Mousephone, Android or Animalphone you like your must : to create your landblog and landshow it under your own copyrights.

Is your landblog just a building of several cubic centimeters ?
Is your landblog a creation in a box 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter ?
Is your landblog a matter which requires living systems ?

No problem at all. Because HVF-Landblogs-Hosting holds services and labs. For you. For the universocial_care of Your_Landblog_ Fondation.
After holding and insure in long-term the better going conditions of your located space, HVF-L-H-Services & Labs mainly links you with any kind of Experts and Young-Brains-Motors for your coach-team and for the draft-arrangements of your LandBlog execution :

Webjurispersons and Creative Commons, Artists & Architecture, Safety+Security & Museum-Decor, Forwarding YourLandBlog & Fashion-Designers-Proposals, High-Tech Managers ;

Select Material Acess
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Gemstone varieties


Marble or Granite

Carrara Marble


Persian Rugs :